I Want to Be Mick Jagger!


50th Anniversary??? How can that possibly be?  It seems like not so long ago that I first heard Satisfaction, and blushed!

I want to be able to prance around like Mick Jagger.  I never realized how little he is until I saw some of his costumes at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Granted, they ar probably from stretchy fabric, but he is about as big as a minute.  But he rocks on and on.  Probably comes from his rigorous workout regimen. Yet another reason I should be working out rigorously…ugh, get me to the gym. Go Mick!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel did it

I had been thinking about writing about Silver Vixens again and was dragging my feet…until I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was a sign. So many of the topics I care about as a Woman of a Certain Age were front and center in the movie. Many of the things that exhilarate me about this chapter of life — possibilities, fearlessness, sexuality, sensuality, new horizons, travel, color and on and on, and so many of the things that scare the day lights out of me too — financial straits, growing older (or is that decrepit), fear of aloneness, not being the master of my fate.

That’s quite a lot of “stuff” for one movie! But it certainly got me off my duff, revved my engines, and gave me the way back. I expect I will be writing about all these topics.

Welcome! Join the conversation. It’s good to be back.